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To provide high quality equipment and solutions that is backed up by the timely availability of spare parts and reliable after sales service to enable us to exceed customer expectations with the highest degree of consistency and achieve market leadership.

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Po Box 91366, Flat No 83, Mussafah M11, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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M-F: 8am – 6pm
S-S: 10am – 4pm

Call: (097) 055 6081910

We Can’t Wait to Make Your Ideas a Reality, We have Our Own Mission, Vision!

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Commercial, Industerial & Warehouse Storage Solutions

Mobile Storage System
Medium and Heavy Duty Racking
Long Spam Bolt Free Shelving
Slotted Angle Shelving

Electrical And Mechanical Services For Elevators

Car Top Barricade
PIT Ladder
CWT Screen
PIT Separation Screen

Fittings, Cables and Tools for All Industries

Irrigation Materials
Eletrical Materials
Civil / Building Materials
Manual and Electrical Tools